Disaster Supplies and Container Project


The CERT emergency supply containers serve several purposes. 

1.       Efficiency.  Immediately following a major disaster, it is very natural for people to be dazed by the magnitude of the situation and not functioning at their best.  The contents of the container are designed to quickly enable CERT trainees to organize a command structure and communication network and establish the necessary organizational infrastructure to make best use of locally available resources.  The containers also include a few basic tools that can be used until such time as a more generally organized response can be mounted.  In addition, spare rescuer packs are available for those CERT volunteers who were unable to access their personal packs.

2.       Training.  The CERT containers are a logical location to hold drills designed to periodically refresh the skills learned in the CERT program.

3.       Supplement.  The contents include medical supplies to supplement those found in personal First Aid kits.  The contents can also be customized to include additional items such as generator(s) and tents that can increase the comfort of people displaced from their homes in the immediate aftermath of a major disaster.

 Sunol CERT would like to outfit 2 emergency supply containers to be located in the more densely populated areas of Sunol.  Specifically, we have been generously provided with space in one of the Sunol Business Guild containers in the Community Park.  We have also been granted permission to place another container on Kilkare Woods Association property near their Clubhouse.  We plan to outfit these containers in phases.  The initial phase would outfit both containers with the items recommended for use in earthquake country.  We have a list provided by Fremont CERT of the container items needed to ensure efficiency in organizing and conducting an emergency response.  These materials would also be used in periodic training.  This phase will also include supplemental medical supplies.  Our hope is to complete the initial phase of the Container Project by the end of 2011. 


In the second phase of the Container Project, additional supplemental items will be purchased.  This phase of the project will follow the completion of the “Map Your Neighborhood” program, also being conducted by Sunol CERT.  In this program, homes are segregated into “blocks” located within easy walking distance of one another.  Those residents get together for a brief meeting to get to know one another and discuss some simple steps to follow immediately following a major disaster and to exchange information that may be useful in an emergency.  This includes listing specific tools and equipment that might be needed in an emergency.  From these lists, Sunol CERT and block leaders can formulate a plan to mobilize resources for the general benefit of the community following a major disaster.  From these lists, we can also determine what other items may be needed to help provide basic shelter and comfort to those displaced from their homes.  Phase 2 of the Container Project will begin after the completion of both the Map Your Neighborhood program and the completion of Phase 1 of the Container Project.

To date, we have reached our 2011 fundraising goals for the Container Project (Phase 1).  The Sunol CERT Purchasing Committee is currently looking into obtaining discount pricing on many items and we believe we may be able to reduce the overall costs by 10-15%.  Follow our continued progress on the HOME page of this site as we make progress in purchasing the basic Phase 1 supplies.


In Phase 2 of this project, we will solicit input from the community to determine what needs specific to the rugged terrain of Sunol are not met by the basic supplies designed for urban areas.  We will update this site as details of the process and timeline for this process are defined.

May 2012:

Progress on Phase 1

The Sunol CERT Chief of Logistics, Kelly Sandlin, has been busy for months setting the stage for the purchasing of Phase 1 supplies.
Kelly found a great price on a container that comes equipped with electrical wiring already in place.  A deposit has secured the container and June 7th has been set as the delivery date.  Prior to that, Kelly arranged for Sunrise Grading and Paving to pour an asphalt pad on which the container will be placed. 

Kelly Sandlin marked out the location of the pad prior to the pour.

The crew did a fabulous job on the pour and was extremely professional throughout the process. 

Paving crew leveling the crushed rock base

And the final result is something that should last a very long time.

Future site of our Disaster Supplies Container

In the last few weeks, the purchasing committee has been very busy and has made much progress.  The committee members include Kelly Sandlin, Brenda DuCharme, Lori Nielsen, Joan Hall, Shirley Kaminsky, and Lynn Kozma.   Significant progress has been made in all categories of items on the Phase 1 list as shown graphically here.

Phase 1 purchasing progress.  Dark shaded areas represent the percentage of items in a category that have been purchased.  Light shaded areas represent the percentage of items in a category that remain to be purchased.
As can readily be seen from the graph, we are in the mop-up stage of Phase 1 purchasing.  Plans are now being made to organize all the items in the containers.  Help with the organization process has been generously offered by the Alameda County Fire Department emergency management (and gratefully accepted). 
Plans are also already in motion to begin Phase 2 of the project.  Stay tuned for further progress!